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I seriously thought I acheived my February resolution already this afternoon. (My February resolution is to generate income from source other than TranSystems Corporation.)

I’ve been a little low on cash, so I’ve been trying to use gift cards and coupons as much as possible when I go out to eat. Today, I went to Granby Bistro to get a quick lunch with a gift certficate I won in December. My lunch cost about $4 and my gift certificate was for $25. Instead of giving me my change in gift certificate money, they handed me $21 in cash! I left a tip and thought, “Score! I just won $20!” But then I remembered that I won the gift certificate at the TranSystems holiday party, so I don’t think that counts as generating income from another source. Damn.

Oh well. Either way, 20 minutes ago I had no cash. Now I have $20. I think that’s exceptional.

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