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Today I had lunch with Stacey the ex-unreceptionist. We went to a place called Mom’s Kitchen in Norfolk. It’s nothing like the Mom’s Kitchen in Neptune. I had a burger. It was good.

Work has been pretty slack this week. Today I decided to occupy my time by looking up the history of rhetoric on the Internet. It occured to me that nothing my professor said in class the other night made any sense to me, so I figured I’d try to learn the basics before I make my second attempt to comprehend the rather difficult 43-page reading assignment in A Rhetoric of Motives by Kenneth Burke.

Once I started reading about the history of classical rhetoric, all the nonsense from The Rhetorical Tradition (a COMM class at Virginia Tech) started rushing back to me – along with glimpses of Cameron and I giggling uncontrollably on her bed in the Chi Omega house. Even after reading the lengthy Wikipedia article on the subject, rhetoric still makes hardly any sense to me, but there is more of a difference than you would think between “hardly any” and “none at all.” I wonder what Cameron would say if she knew I was voluntarily barraging my brain with rhetorical drivel again. I bet she’d laugh. Pretty hard.

P.S. My professor, while mildly entertaining and extremely overzealous, is most certainly not hot.

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