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New Year’s Resolutions

By January 4, 2006resolutions

I know you are all anxiously anticipating my new resolutions. I figured I’d give you a few days to think about your own before I bombarded you with mine. It’s been a busy first few days.

I expect this year to go pretty well. The even ones are always better. Anyway, here it goes.

In the year 2006, I will:
Go ice skating
Get my wisdom teeth out
Buy a house
Go horseback riding
Hang out with my cousin Joelle
Have a party
Start my own business
Play poker in Vegas
Go to Busch Gardens
Get a picture in front of the VT bush
Go for a boat ride
Learn to drive a stick
Visit Nauticus
Be nicer to Allison’s dog
Read a bunch of Kurt Vonnegut books
Drink more water
Bring back Dr. Martens
Buy a new car
Begin writing a book
Spend a day in New York City
See a play
Sing in public (not karaoke)
Take a vacation
Acquire health benefits
Learn a new skill
Join a gym
Read all the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels
See Reel Big Fish, Aerosmith and Green Day in concert
Board an aircraft carrier
Eat more pineapples
Join some sort of club or organization
Go roller-blading
Grow my hair long again
Write a short story
Make 10 new friends
Continue writing in my LJ for another whole year
Volunteer for something
Frame a picture I take and give it to someone as a gift
Make someone a CD
Do 58 sit-ups in two minutes
Go running at Mount Trashmore
Run in a race
Draw a picture
Be more motivated
Do 20 push-ups in two minutes
Visit Charleston, SC
Play my oboe
Take a class
See the Grand Canyon
Save up some more money
Bake someone a birthday cake
See Lifespeed at Bar A
Visit my long lost stand partner in Ann Arbor
Make a new resolution every month:
January: Go running at least 10 times this month

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