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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Allison and I went to D.C. on Sunday afternoon. We hit up Tyson’s Corner for some shopping on the way up and then checked into our four-star hotel, Hotel Madera. Once we settled in, we headed out in search of some excitment. We ended up roaming aimlessly around Dupont Circle and found the sweetest place – Gazuza, a hookah bar. We ordered a hookah from the most gorgeous waiter I have ever seen and smoked some Double Apple while we sipped mojitos and chatted with some guys who work for Northrup Grumman.

On Monday, we took the Metro to the Fashion Center at Pentagon City, where I knocked out pretty much all of my Christmas shopping. Score.

I left work at 5:00 today, so I inevitably ended up sitting in traffic all the way home. I wasn’t too upset, though. I decided to use my extended time in the car to catch up on some phone calls and try to get my social life back in order. I’ve been seriously slacking in that department lately.

First I called my grandmother to wish her a happy birthday. Then I called some people to leave messages about New Year’s Eve. Then I returned one guy’s phone call who wants to take me out to dinner in January to say yes. Then I called a guy that I met on Saturday (did I tell you that I met four college graduates on Saturday?) and set up a tentative date with him for later this week. I left a message for Laurie, too, to apologize for being anti-social and not hanging out recently.

Then I had this weird thought. I thought, “I always talk to my friend Ed on Instant Messenger, but I haven’t actually talked to him for almost three years.” So, I called him.

“Hello?” he said.

“Ed,” I said. “It’s Lisa. I’m calling you because I forgot what your voice sounds like.” Personally, I think this is a very practical reason to call someone. He laughed at me.

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