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Final Resolution Update of 2005

After 12 months, here is where I stand on my resolutions:

Visit Hawaii – FAILED
Get my wisdom teeth out – FAILED
Make chocolate anchors – ACCOMPLISHEDMade chocolate anchors, December 29.
Run in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half MarathonACCOMPLISHED Ran in the Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon, September 3. (My goal was three hours and I finished in 2:51:44!)
See a few decent concerts – ACCOMPLISHEDMaroon5
and The Donnas, March 28. Green Day with My Chemical Romance, April 22.
Carbon Leaf, May 13. Hoobastank and Velvet Revolver, May 20. The
Wallflowers, June 16. Reel Big Fish, July 11. 311 and Papa Roach,
August 25. 106.1 Winter Meltdown (Natasha Bedingfield, Tyler Hilton, Kaci Brown, Lifehouse, Fall Out Boy), December 14.

Visit my cousins in Las Vegas (and have Holly cut my hair while I’m there) – ACCOMPLISHED (Three times!)February
17-22. (Haircut with Holly, February 18 – I think it’s the best I’ve
ever gotten. VIP at Rain, February 18. Took the little cousins to
SkyZone to jump on the trampolines, February 21.) April 7-11. (Whiskey
Bar, April 8. Haircut with Holly, April 9. Partied at Ra with Robbie
for my birthday, April 9/10. Birthday dinner with my cousins, April 10.
Lunch at the House of Blues, April 11.) November 30-December 5. (Haircut with Holly, December 1.)

Go back to Weight Watchers to lose my last few pounds and become a Lifetime Member – ALMOSTAlthough
I did attend a meeting on January 8, it was the only one I went
to.  However, I did keep a journal and count my points for awhile
over the summer and I did manage to lose enough weight on my own this year that I am now below my original Weight Watchers goal weight..

Write a book – FAILED
Volunteer for the USO – ACCOMPLISHEDVolunteered at the AMC Air Terminal, January 5.
Start my own business – FAILED
Work at least one waitressing job (even if it’s only for fun) – ACCOMPLISHED (Four times! I am going to have so many tax returns to fill out next year.)A.J. Gators, January 11-26. Kelly’s Tavern, February 8-12. YNot Pizza, June 17-October 10. Chef Ed’s, July 1-3.
Make 10 new friends – ACCOMPLISHEDTom
Valentine, Steve Robinson, Tara Wilson, Stacey Lebo, Mark Heustis,
Buzzy Nielson, Jonathan Wallace, Kristina Partlow, Laurie Whitesell, Harmony Heuwitt
Go on a road trip – FAILED
Reread Hawaii by James Michener – FAILED
Get my digital camera fixed – ACCOMPLISHED (Three times!)FedExed it to Olympus, January 20. Camera returned and fixed (for free!), February 8. Broke my camera again, October 2. Bought a new Canon
PowerShot SD400 digital camera, November 20

Go onboard a Navy ship – ACCOMPLISHED (Three times!) Tom
took me to see his submarine, the USS Norfolk (SSN714), February
5.  Laurie took me to visit Grand aboard the USS Barry (DDG-52),
December 21 and 28.

Go surfing – FAILED
Visit Nauticus and the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk – ALMOSTVisited the Chrysler Museum, December 7.
Go to Busch Gardens – ACCOMPLISHED Went to Busch Gardens with Allison, Mike and Mark, October 2.
Eat more pineapples – FAILED
– I can count the number of times I ate pineapples on one hand.  I
definitely ate more pineapples in 2003 and 2004 than I did in 2005.
Visit a few states I’ve never been to before – FAILED
See Lifespeed at Bar A – FAILED
Write a poem – ACCOMPLISHEDWrote a poem, May 31.
Save some money – ACCOMPLISHED
Visit my cousin Joelle in California – FAILED
Sing karaoke at a bar – ACCOMPLISHEDSang “Heartbreaker” by Simple Plan at Scooter’s, June 24.
Drink more water – FAILED
Do 20 push-ups in two minutes – FAILED
Taste a food I’ve never had before – ACCOMPLISHED (Seven times!)Lobster
and sake at Sumo, January 29. Pasta para duros (some weird Mexican
snack food) at work, February 11. Fried calamari at the Roadhouse in
Vegas, February 18. Catfish at Shuck’s in Vegas, April 8. Fried goat
cheese at Modesto Tapas Bar & Restaurant in St. Louis, November 16.
Golden beets at Charlie Gitto’s in St. Louis, November 16. Efes beer
(imported from Turkey) at Paymon’s Hookah Lounge, December 4.
Get a massage and/or a facial – ACCOMPLISHEDGot a facial, December 29.
Take a picture in front of the VT bush at Virginia Tech – FAILED
Get a new car – FAILED
Grow my hair long again – ALMOST – I wouldn’t say it’s long again, but it’s past my shoulders and well on it’s way.
Continue writing in my LJ for another whole year – ACCOMPLISHED
Visit my long-lost stand partner on the Southern Coast of Oregon – FAILED – Not totally my fault – she moved to Michigan.
Make one new resolution at the beginning of every month – ACCOMPLISHED (I even kept 11 out of the 12!)
January: Beat my 13:28 mile and a half run – ACCOMPLISHEDRan a mile and a half in 12:36 at Gold’s Gym, January 27.
February: Watch the movie St. Elmo’s Fire – ACCOMPLISHEDWatched it, February 3.
Finish the book that Robbie loaned me in November – ACCOMPLISHEDFinished Sea Legs: Tales of a Woman Oceanographer by Kathleen Crane, March 31.
April: Go out on dates with three new boys – ALMOST Only got two – Date #1 with Tony, April 5. Date #2 with Ron, April 14.
Buy an iPod – ACCOMPLISHEDBought a green iPod Mini, May 13.
Find another part-time job – ACCOMPLISHED –  Server at YNot Pizza, June 17.
Get new running shoes (really good ones for that 1/2 marathon in September!) – ACCOMPLISHEDAsics, July 10.
Refrain from quitting either one of my jobs – ACCOMPLISHEDStill employed at both, September 1.
Go country line dancing – ACCOMPLISHEDWent country line dancing with Allison and Mark at The Banque in Norfolk, September 30.
Find a sweet Halloween costume – ACCOMPLISHED (Twice!)I aced this one – I had two sweet Halloween costumes! Sexy referee, October 28 and October 31. Naughty school girl, October 29.
Rectify all of my problems with electronic devices at the new apartment (Internet, phone, digital camera, TiVo) – ACCOMPLISHEDPhone
fixed, November 3. TiVo up and running, November 14. Bought a new Canon
PowerShot SD400 digital camera, November 20. Discovered how to steal
Internet from the dining room table, November 21.
Go to a hookah bar, find a date to my company Christmas party and find something awesome to do for New Year’s Eve – ACCOMPLISHED
Went to two hookah bars – Paymon’s Hookah Lounge in Vegas, December 4
and Gazuza in D.C., December 18. Mark was my date to my Christmas
party, December 17. New Year’s Eve plans:  party like a rock star
with The Big A (the original rock star), Mike and Reagan.

FINAL COUNT: 16 FAILED, 4 ALMOST, 27 ACCOMPLISHEDOh, just admit it.  I’m awesome.

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