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Oh, the drama.

By November 3, 2005drama, lists, not ruling at life

You know you’re in over your head when…

1. Your friends keep telling you that your life would make a good movie/book/reality television show.
2. People in your office that hardly even know you tell you that your life would make a good movie/book/television show.
3. Your idea of a brilliant money-making scheme is baking Christmas cookies with your roommate.
4. You say, “Andrea, so much has happened…” to your friend on the phone when she calls – and you just talked to her three days ago.
5. You are trying to concentrate on the road and one of your passengers is yelling at you telling you to turn on roads that are 15 miles away in the opposite direction of your house, implying that you are stupid and don’t know anything and that you need a psychiatrist while your best friend screams from the back seat, “I would rather slit my throat than be in this car with you two right now!”

Good lord.

Any others? I saved numbers six through 10 just for you.

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