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From This Moment On

My parents came down to help me start moving my furniture into my new apartment this weekend. I can’t wait for this whole move thing to be over. You know how I feel about packing.

I’ve had it with this awful, sad, depressing emo music. I think it’s what’s driving me crazy. I’m cutting myself off temporarily to find out if I’m right. I’m tired of being in a bad mood all the time. I shouldn’t be in a bad mood any of the time. I keep getting everything I want, I’m moving into an awesome apartment, my football team is ranked #3 in the nation, I have an awesome roommate who I have a blast with, the dog doesn’t bark as much anymore, my ex-boyfriend and I are becoming close friends, I’m even accomplishing a lot of my New Year’s resolutions (which is totally awesome of me), and I’m wrapped up in this tragic emo crap feeling lethargic and listless all the time. Screw it. I don’t care if I have to listen to Shania Twain for the next six weeks, I’m going to be in a happy mood from now on. So there.

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  • lala2 says:

    Hey…I hope the happy sticks. I kinda like Shania Twain. 🙂

  • angel1225 says:

    Shania Twain isn’t too bad… reminds me of high school… one of my friends used to listen to her CD over and over. I know it pretty welll now. I have a lethargic feeling too. I’m thinking it will go away soon, and so will yours. That’s the only way to get through it. Just keep remembering that it will get better. I mean, it has to right?!

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