Religious Fashion Statements

By August 11, 2005 conversations

Yesterday was a pretty nice day. I took the day off to be hungover and Allison wore her “Jesus Is My Homeboy” t-shirt. She and I were driving around with Sharon yesterday afternoon and we ended up behind a green SUV with a religious bumper sticker adhered to it.

Lisa: “Hey Allison, ‘Real Men Love Jesus.'”

Allison: “Yeah. I know.”

Lisa: “Those aren’t real men though because they don’t have those trendy balls of steel hanging from their trailer hitch.”

Allison: “That guy is wearing a doo-rag.”

Lisa: “There’s your next t-shirt. ‘Jesus Wore A Doo-Rag.'”

Allison: “That reminds me. I have to look up tickets for Ludacris.”

Lisa: “You could wear it to that.”

Allison: “I know. That’s what I was just thinking.”

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