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Never Have I Ever…

I know I’ve been really bad about updating the LJ this month, but I’ve been really busy with my two jobs. However, I have found the time to do a few things I’ve never done before, like:

1. Replace the hard drive in my laptop.
2. Put eyedrops in my eyes (voluntarily, all by myself).
3. Ride a mechanical bull.
4. Buy a hookah.
5. Stay in my apartment alone for three nights in a row (I didn’t even get lonely, scared or bored!).
6. Go to a jewelry party (and agree to host one in the future – September 29 if you want to come).

Maybe they don’t sound so exciting to you, but doing things I’ve never done before makes me feel accomplished — but maybe not too accomplished because here are some of the important things I haven’t found time to do:

1. Run (Note: Rock & Roll Half Marathon in two weeks).
2. Wash any of my laundry that is not dark in color, especially reds.
3. Go to food shopping/eat healthy food.
4. Register my car in Virginia.
5. Go to the beach/pool.

I guess I’d better get on those…

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