Reel Big Fish is Latin for Sexy

By July 11, 2005 concerts

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  • Anonymous says:

    wear jeans and a cute tank top. Go casual and wear comfortable shoes because you’re going to want to dance. It’ll be an awesome concert and Catch 22 is playing too. Have fun!!

    • Lisa says:

      NO! Catch isn’t playing. They only played in AC because they live up there. They’re actually joining up with RBF in New Orleans on the 17th and playing with them for the rest of the tour. check out or for details. it’s all good though. that lyrical genius lead singer ditched catch22 for streetlight manifesto and b.o.t.a.r. — and catch always played all their songs too damn fast for me to even enjoy them. it was like hearing catch22 on crack. music should be played at the speed of sound, not the speed of light. =D

      • Anonymous says:

        Hahaha. I didn’t know they weren’t playing. And they do sound like they’re on crack. I didn’t even recognize any of the songs.

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