We had an awesome time at Croc’s last night. Allison and Jen the neighbor really wanted to go out, but they’re both 20, so we had to do a little scheming. I thought back to a few summers ago when Kristy used to go sit at the Boathouse for dinner at 9:00 at night and then just stay once it got too crowded for anyone to notice. It seemed like a pretty good plan, and it worked!

Croc’s has $1 Corona Lights on Thursday nights. The place really reminds me of New Jersey sometimes — like a cross between Bar A and the Boathouse. The bands there on Thursday are always good, but there’s a DJ in between sets and everyone walks around with like four bottles of beer in their hands at one time. There’s a patio, a huge inside bar and a smaller tiki bar in the back of the place. The dance floor is pretty big, too, and the crowd there is always really chill.

Anyway, about a half hour after we arrived, I looked at Allison and Jen and then turned to my friend Chris and said, “Oh my god! I think this is the first time I’ve been out with more girls than guys since I moved here!”

Our friend Mark met up with us a little later and we all took a bunch of pictures and drank a lot of $1 beers and danced for an hour or so. It was hot.

I need to sneak underage roommates into bars more often.

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