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I can’t believe The Shins are playing at the NorVa in Norfolk right now and I am missing it because I was too lazy and stupid to buy a ticket on my way home from work one day this week. Now it’s sold out and I’m not there. Instead I’m sitting in my bedroom watching the President prove to the nation that public speaking was not a required course for him in school.

Someone make my President stop saying “nukular.” Please?

Seriously. I mean the word is extremely prominent in all of his speeches — you would think he could have mastered pronouncing it by now.

Say it with me, George. NUKE-LEE-AR. NUCLEAR.

I think improving George’s vocabulary is sort of a hopeless situation. I should probably let it go. But before I do, I’d just like to say, for the record, that George, I also look forward to a nukular-free Korean peninsula.

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  • samrianv says:

    and a U.S. full of nuclear power as a way to get out of fosil fuel power yeah I am excited!!!! NOT!!!!!

  • cymric says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who wants to run around screaming “NU-CLEEEE-ARRRR” at the top of my lungs whenever I hear him say it.
    On a side note, I wanted to comment on how ironic it is that the networks refused to allow the press conference to pre-empt reality tv, and that even after the President of the United States was forced to reschedule his conference and promised to end before 9 p.m., three of the major networks still cut out before the conference ended. It seems insane to me that reality like “The Apprentice” comes before reality like policy that will determine whether or not you have money to eat when you’re eighty.

    • Lisa says:


    • Lisa says:

      ok, sorry. drunk girls should not be allowed to comment on presidential press conferences. lol. seriously though. if they were going to cut out early, they could have at least cut to the O.C., not to some paris hilton shit. wtf was that?

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