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It’s Something Unpredictable

Last Sunday, I bought tickets to the sold-out Green Day show at ODU on eBay. The night before the concert, the guy I bought them from e-mailed me to tell me that he accidentally sold too many sets of tickets and that he didn’t have any to sell me. He refunded my money plus a few extra dollars to buy myself a drink so that I wouldn’t be mad. I was seething.

After I was done seething, Allison and I desperately called some radio stations and tried to win some tickets. We didn’t. We decided to drive to ODU last night anyway — we thought maybe someone would be selling some outside. It didn’t look very promising.

We decided to stand forlornly on will-call line in front the the box office window. That’s where we overheard some lady trying to sell back her tickets. Apparently she had grounded her kids for using bad language or something, so they weren’t allowed to go and she had three tickets to get rid of. Allison and I jumped right on that and bought two tickets to the show. The tickets were for the club section — Section 217, Row A. They were pretty sweet seats.

Once we got into the Constant Center, the ID check table put my wristband on way too loose, so I passed it off to Allison and got a new one along with a Bud Light and a Bacardi & Coke for her. (Apparently the club section offers a full bar, leather couches and body spray in the bathrooms.)

My Chemical Romance opened up. They said the f-word a lot. It’s a good thing that lady didn’t let her kids go listen to them — she’d have spent the whole week washing their mouths out with soap, I’m sure.

After My Chemical Romance, we had some lasagna. Yes, lasagna. On the first floor, they serve hot dogs and hamburgers, but on the club level, they serve lasagna with garlic bread and salad, so we had some of that.

Green Day was amazing. They put on the best show I have ever seen. They opened with “American Idiot” and ended with “Minority.” For their encore, they came back out and played a few more songs before closing the show with “We Are The Champions” and finally, “Time of Your Life.”

Green Day rocks my world. I’m really glad I finally got to see them.

I keep having really lucky Fridays.

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