Important Business Decisions

It’s Wednesday. Does that mean I can drink again? I went to a bar last night and refrained from consuming any alcoholic beverages. I did indulge in a quick game of pool, which I lost, but not miserably.

Anyway, I better get back to work. Stacey the receptionist just told me that someone got fired last week for being a slacker. She hates being called the receptionist. I told her to order business cards that say:

Stacey L***
Marketing Distraction
TranSystems Corporation

She told me that I should order some that say:

Lisa DeNoia
Part-Time Slacker
TranSystems Corporation

Actually, my business cards came today, so that’s exciting — even though they say Marketing Assistant, not Part-Time Slacker. I guess if I get fired, I can just scratch everything off of them except my name and phone number, write in Full-Time Slacker and use them anyway. I always wanted business cards.

Tom is back in town, so I think I’ll head to Hot Tuna in nine hours to have some drinks. Maybe I’ll bring some of my new business cards and hand them out to cute boys so they’ll think I’m a successful marketing professional and want to buy me dinner and stuff.

Yeah, that’s a good idea.

No, probably not.

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