It’s a Small World

By March 21, 2005 lists, memories

Do you have any crazy stories like this?

My freshman year roommate from JMU (Stephanie) dated a guy named Randall (my unofficial second roommate) who I later found out went to high school with my friend Whit that I met at Virginia Tech.

The new receptionist at my job (Stacey) went to high school with one of my best friends from sophomore year (Chrystal).

My junior and senior year roommate (Katie) did an internship one summer in Pennsylvania with a girl named Tricia that I went to high school and JMU with.

When I moved to Virginia Beach, my friend Scott from Virginia Tech introduced me to a girl named Alex who is also from Virginia Tech. A few months later, I met a girl named Tara and she introduced my roommate and I to a guy named Chuck. A few days after that, Robbie and I went out planning to run into Alex or Chuck or both — and they showed up together. They had been friends for years.

My friend Rich is a Marine in Japan. He recently ran into another guy from our high school in his barracks — in Japan.

One of my best friends (Andrea) went to York Middle School and knew some of the people I went to intermediate school with because we visited each other’s schools on band trips.

I met a girl on LiveJournal with the same exact first and last name as me. Except she spells “DeNoia” with an “i” — “DiNoia.”

Tara (who lives here in Virginia Beach) went to New Orleans two weeks ago and met a cop from Middletown, NJ who I spoke with on the phone. He knows guys I went to elementary school with.

My former oboe stand partner (Jamie) was the drum major of our high school marching band our senior year. The summer before we started our season, she had to go to drum major camp, where she ran into my friend Lauren from Virginia Beach who was also in drum major camp for her high school.

My junior year, I had a very drunken encounter with a friend of one of my ex-boyfriend’s friends from the Corps. He was visiting from Florida and we exchanged IM names. When I moved to Virginia Beach, he told me that a guy named Chris that I kind of knew from the Corps also lived here. I IMed Chris and we hung out. Chris introduced me to Steve. A few weeks later, Robbie and I ran into Steve at Hot Tuna. A few weeks after that, that guy that I still talk to who was visiting Tech from Florida (who is now in Texas) asked me if I knew Steve because he had asked Steve if he knew me and Steve said yes. He suggested Steve and I spend New Year’s Eve together — which we did and it was a total blast.

I met Jeff, Matt and Brian on a cruise out of New York to Bermuda one summer. The next summer, my family and I took a cruise from Florida to the Caribbean. So did they! We were all on the same ship again! A few years later, I ran into Matt on a train to New York City, and a few years after that I accidentally came upon his blog on the Internet.

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