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Anything for a Friend…

By March 23, 2005boys, conversations, roommates

Scott: “Oh, don’t tell me that. I mean, he’s still my–I mean we don’t really hang out or whatever but, if the guy ever called and needed anything, I’d help him out.”

Robbie: “Like, if he needed a kidney?”

Scott: “No, no. He’s not worth a kidney.”

Lisa: “Yeah, definitely not worth a kidney. Maybe a fingernail.”

Scott: “No. No body parts.”

Robbie: “Then what?”

Scott: “I don’t know. If he called and said he needed to borrow 20 bucks, I could do that.”

Robbie: “Woud you ever, like, bust him out of jail?”

Scott: “Bust? I don’t know that I’ll be busting anyone out of jail…”

Robbie: “Okay, bail.”

Scott: “There’s a big difference between busting anyone out of jail and bailing someone out of jail. Bail out of jail like…”

Robbie: “Like 150 bucks?”

Scott: “Eh. No. I don’t think so.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    On Monday, I stood out in front of our platoon at the Alpha Company field day formation. When the time came for the platoon commanders to report, this is what happened:
    Sgt Burns: Report.
    1st deck platoon commander: 1st deck, 5 UA.
    Sgt Burns: Very well.
    2nd deck platoon commander: 2nd deck, 7 UA.
    Sgt Burns: Very well.
    3rd deck platoon commander (me): 3rd deck, 5 Marines unaccounted for.
    Sgt Burns: OK, unaccounted for… what does that mean? Are they here or are they UA?
    Me: They’re not here, Sergeant, but I can’t confirm that they’re UA.
    Sgt Burns: What are you telling me, 3rd deck?
    Me: That there are five Marines who are not accounted for at this time, Sergeant.
    Sgt Burns: So then they’re UA?
    Me: Not necessarily, Sergeant. They’re just not accounted for.
    Sgt Burns: Come and see me after formation, LCpl Hicks.
    Me: Aye, Sergeant.
    Sgt Burns: Go ahead, 4th deck.
    4th deck platoon commander: 4th deck, all present.
    Sgt Burns: Very well! Look how easy that was, 3rd deck!
    Clearly the Marine Corps isn’t for me.

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