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“We just want to dance all night…”

By February 8, 2005gen y, ruling at life

I just read this article in Time Magazine about Twixters (you can read it here) — the generation that can’t seem to get their shit together and settle down. It made me laugh. I’m glad I’m not the only one gallavanting aimlessly about the country trying to decide what kind of job I want. I’m not the only slacker, I’m not the only one who wants to put off getting married for another five years, not the only one with no health insurance stressing out about a cracked filling, not the only one who gets sick of jobs every three or four months, and I’m certainly not the only one drinking on random Tuesday nights contemplating becoming a bartender or compulsive poker player for better money. Apparently I’m just part of an overwhelming trend, borrowing money from my parents, procrastinating in various parts of the country, and looking forward to doing all sorts of crazy things in life. And I’m glad about that, too. If most of my generation is going to live well into their 80s, why shouldn’t we waste some time figuring out how we’d like to do it? Give us a break. We’re just awesome and you’re just jealous.

P.S. It’s Fat Tuesday. Party like a rock star.

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  • Wooohoo we are not alone =op Im the same way…I kinda drifted and collected certifications and licenses for awhile. At least now I can say I’ve been a broker (Stock,commodities and mortgages, EMT, lifeguard, mason, carpenter, roofer, landscaper, Marine, IT Manager, and customer service manager…. I’m just settling into what I want to be…it requires a few more years of schooling though =op I can sympathsize about the settling down part too. I want to buy a house when I get back and I spent at least 2 whole days tripping of payments and crunching numbers ;o)

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