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By January 6, 2005 ruling at life

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  • okirichard says:

    Hmmmm… I had two Coney Island hot dogs and a bag of Doritos. I think your lunch was healthier. 😛

    • Lisa says:

      we had an unimaginable number of pizzas @ the USO office. i bet you had a healthier dinner. or at least a smaller one. =)

      • okirichard says:

        Dinner was MUCH smaller. I didn’t have one. lol We had a re-field day formation at 1730 yesterday afternoon. The barracks failed on Tuesday. We weren’t allowed to go anywhere until the Company GySgt personally inspected, and passed, all the common areas. It wasn’t too bad, though. We were done at 9. There isn’t anything left open at that time, so I just went to the gym and tried to invalidate my lunch. 😛

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