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The New Year

By January 2, 2005resolutions

So, I got the year off to a decent start. I partied it up at Waterside last night in a new pair of jeans and sequined shirt with some Navy boys and a champagne toast at midnight — I almost got the crap beat out of me by a couple of fat lesbians over a plastic party hat, so that was exciting. I spent the night at the Sheraton, had a lovely breakfast this afternoon at The Silver Diner, and went out for a run at Mount Trashmore to enjoy the 69-degree weather. I lost a bet to Allison, so I had to pay her a dollar.

I suppose if you want my thoughts on New Year’s, you can read this entry from last January because I still feel pretty much the same way and because it is 3:40 in the morning and I don’t feel like writing a profound article on the philosophical meaning of the beginning of a new year.

I guess it’s about time for those resolutions, huh? Here it goes.

In the year 2005, I will:
Visit Hawaii
Get my wisdom teeth out
Make chocolate anchors
Run in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon
See a few decent concerts
Visit my cousins in Las Vegas (and have Holly cut my hair while I’m there)
Go back to Weight Watchers to lose my last few pounds and become a Lifetime Member
Write a book
Volunteer for the USO
Start my own business
Work at least one waitressing job (even if it’s only for fun)
Make 10 new friends
Go on a road trip
Reread Hawaii by James Michener
Get my digital camera fixed
Go onboard a Navy ship
Go surfing
Visit Nauticus and the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk
Go to Busch Gardens
Eat more pineapples
Visit a few states I’ve never been to before
See Lifespeed at Bar A
Write a poem
Save some money
Visit my cousin Joelle in California
Sing karaoke at a bar
Drink more water
Do 20 push-ups in two minutes
Taste a food I’ve never had before
Get a massage and/or a facial
Take a picture in front of the VT bush at Virginia Tech
Get a new car
Grow my hair long again
Continue writing in my LJ for another whole year
Visit my long-lost stand partner on the Southern Coast of Oregon
Make one new resolution at the beginning of every month

That sounds like a pretty decent list. Here’s to 2005!

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  • Lisa says:

    of course i have! i’m just resolving to do those things again.
    i have to make an extra effort to see lifespeed at bar a because i live six hours away now, but you can be sure i’ll be up there a few times this summer — gotta hit up at least one or two beat-the-clock nights and see all my old bartender friends from when i used to live the party life of a Jersey Shore waitress… =)

  • cymric says:

    …I noticed that Oregon didn’t make your list. Don’t tell me you forgot about visiting your long-lost stand partner on the rural Southern Coast. 😛

  • Lisa says:

    maybe i should change it to read “see lifespeed at bar a w/scooter…”

  • Lisa says:

    Tasted a new food – Sake and lobster at Sumo Japanase restaurant – January 29, 2005
    Friend #1 – Tom Valentine
    Friend #2 – Mark Heustis
    Resolution of the month for January – to beat my 13:28 mile and a half run – beat it January 29 when I ran it in 12:36.

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