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Since Robbie has been gone, Allison and I have taken up being extremely productive. For example, we have taken cleaning to the next level…

Lisa: Our kitchen looks like shit.
Allison: Yeah, I know.
Lisa: So, what should we do tonight?

We have also drastically improved our social lives…

Allison: I miss Robbie.
Lisa: Yeah, me too. Let’s invite boys over.

We are taking our new jobs at A.J. Gator’s very seriously…

Lisa: When do you work at Gator’s again?
Allison: Sunday, but I don’t want to work that day.
Lisa: You should just come in with me on Saturday and tell her you got the days messed up.
Allison: Okay. That sounds good.

We’ve also been extrememly productive at our other jobs…

Lisa: Did you work today?
Allison: Well, Abercrombie called me at like 8:00 this morning and I was like, ‘Holy cannoli, I am not answering that!’

Allison: Hello?
Lisa: Hey, it’s me. I’m leaving work.
Allison: That was quick. Were you even there an hour?
Lisa: An hour and a half. Well, almost. I’m done with my work. Let’s go to the tanning bed.
Allison: Okay.
Lisa: It will be just like a tropical vacation. Just what we need.

And, most importantly, we’ve been eating healthy, well-balanced meals…

Lisa: What should we do for dinner?
Allison: I don’t really feel like cooking.
Lisa: Okay, well come down here while the car is still warmed up. We’ll go out.

Waiter: Would you ladies like dessert?
Lisa: Should we get anything?
Allison: I’m full. I have all that cheesecake at home.
Lisa: We’ll have the brownie sundae.

Lisa: Well, I had California Pizza Kitchen for breakfast.
Allison: Yeah, me too. And I had Quizno’s for lunch.
Lisa: Yeah, I saw your cup. I was jealous.

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