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All In

By January 16, 2005employment

Yesterday I started my second job — waitressing at the new Hilltop A.J. Gator’s. After that I came home and watched the Steelers game while I learned Allison’s accounting homework on the computer.

Last night I played poker (Texas Hold’em) until 4:30 a.m. at Scott MacMeekin’s place. After six hours, four beers, two bowls of popcorn and a delicious pulled pork sandwich, I went all in on a full house (three 9s and two 10s) and lost everything to Scott who also had a full house (three 10s and two 9s). At least I came in second and got my $5 back.

Now I’m watching Peyton play football on TV.

Maybe I should quit my new second job and become a compulsive gambler.

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