The Year In Review – Part 2

In January, I was bored. I went to California. I got a new laptop. I hung out with Joelle. I listened to Dashboard Confessional. I was unemployed.

In February, I was excited. I went to Las Vegas. I got to drive cross-country with my mom. I hung out with my Aunt Kim. I listened to Simple Plan. I worked at the House of Blues.

In March, I was silly. I went to lots of movies with my cousins. I got my awesome pink flip-flops. I hung out with my little cousins and Fabio the hamster. I listened to MxPx. I worked at the House of Blues and Plan-It Interactive.

In April, I was 23. I went back to New Jersey. I got a new digital camera. I hung out with Rob. I listened to the Counting Crows. I worked freelance writing web content for a law firm.

In May and June, I was drunk. I went to Howell and a lot of bars. I got a pair of Diesel jeans. I hung out with Megan and Kristi. I listened to dance music. I worked at Woody’s.

In July, I was popular. I went to Bar A alot and Kristen’s wedding in Richmond. I got an e-mail from Mike. I hung out with lots of different people and wished I was hanging out with Brian Conover. I listened to the Shrek 2 soundtrack and Ashley Simpson. I worked at Woody’s and Chef Ed’s and one night at Bar A.

In August, I was ready to move again. I went to Fripp Island, South Carolina. I got to see Virginia Tech play USC at FedEx Field. I hung out with Kristy and my family. I listened to country music. I worked at Woody’s and Chef Ed’s.

In September, I was spontaneous. I went to Virginia Beach. I got to run in the Neptune Festive 8K. I hung out with Allison. I listened to my running CD. I worked at Gold Key Resorts and then at a law office through Randstad.

In October, I was excited. I went to Virginia Tech a few times. I got a job and an apartment. I hung out with Andrea (for a few weekends). I listened to Green Day. I worked at TranSystems Corporation.

In November, I was happy. I went to New Jersey for Thanksgiving. I got a cute outfit for my office Christmas party. I hung out with Robbie. I listened to Nelly. I worked at TranSystems Corporation.

In December, I was busy. I went to my office Christmas party and to New Jersey again for Christmas. I hung out with Robbie, Allison and Jenny. I got a green leather Kenneth Cole New York purse and lots of other fun Christmas presents. I listened to Music from The O.C.: Mix 2 and the Pottery Barn Christmas Trilogy. I worked at TranSystems Corporation.

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