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The Year in Review – Part 1

By December 25, 2004resolutions, year in review

With only one week of 2004 remaining, it’s time to reflect on the year and start planning for 2005.  Remember those New Year’s resolutions?  Let’s see how we did.

1. Put my feet in the Pacific Ocean – ACCOMPLISHED – January 10

2. Work in a Las Vegas hotel – ACCOMPLISHED – February 23 (House of Blues Las Vegas in the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino)

3. Visit Hawaii – FAILED

4. Run 5 miles without stopping – ALMOST – September 24 (finished the Neptune Festival 8K in 49:31.85 — but I walked some of it)

5. Join the Navy – FAILED – Got my rejection letter in March.  However, I did find a real job instead and I work for an engineering firm that does a lot of work with the government and the military, especially the Navy.

6. Go surfing – FAILED

7. See Reel Big Fish in concert – ACCOMPLISHED (Twice!) – I saw them March 27 at eXtremething at Desert Breeze Skate Park in Las Vegas with Kristin.  I also went with Stephen and Shaine to see them play this summer at Ramapo College with Streetlight Manifesto.

8.  Make all my payments on time – ACCOMPLISHED – For the most part.

9. Do 25 push-ups in two minutes – ALMOST – I think the most I did was 21 in two minutes, but that’s pretty damn close!

10. Make at least 10 new friends – ACCOMPLISHED – Allison, Robbie, Jenny, Sharon K., Megan M., Kristi, Rich (from Woody’s), Rich H., Chris G., Chris S., Corinne, Jennifer Y., and Jacky.  (I don’t necessarily still keep in touch with all of them, but they were definitely “new friends” at the time that I met them – meaning that I hung out with each of them more than three times.)

11. Get a new digital camera – ACCOMPLISHED – April 10

12. Write a book – ALMOST – I wrote in this LJ and perhaps someday it will be a book!

13. Save up some money – ALMOST – I saved some up over the summer, but most of it is gone now because of my move to Virginia Beach.

14. Get a new computer – ACCOMPLISHED – January 13

15. Do better at keeping in touch with old friends – ACCOMPLISHED – I definitely did better at keeping in touch with Andrea this year, and Mike and I even salvaged a little bit of a friendship for a little while.  Kristy and I try to talk on the phone a few times a week, I talk to Jamie once or twice a week, Rich calls me from Japan and we write long e-mails, and I also use IM a lot more than I used to to have meaningful conversations with people.

16. Find a productive hobby that I enjoy – ACCOMPLISHED – Writing!

17. Be more organized – ACCOMPLISHED – My apartment is immaculate, and so is my desk at work.

18. Continue losing weight – ACCOMPLISHED – I have probably lost about eight pounds since this time last year.

FINAL COUNT:  3 FAILED, 4 ALMOST, and 11 ACCOMPLISHED.  That’s not too shabby if you ask me.

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  • Lisa says:

    P.S. Can I just say that I am aweseome for keeping track of my New Year’s resolutions? =D

  • crisangwich says:

    That is such an awesome list…thanks for sharing…
    Hope all is well w/you my fellow April 10th friend!

  • New Background
    I love the background. A map of Oahu, more specifically the part I can actually see is Waikiki. It sure is brining back memories from the good ol’ UH-Manoa days. King and Kapiolani, Beretania, the Punchbowl. It makes me realize I miss Hawaii more than I previously thought 🙂 Oh and in regards to the post, way to go with the New Years’ Resolutions. I would also like to point out in regards to the joining the Navy, you did do all of the application process and did as much as you possibly could in order to achieve that resolution, so I think it deserves a different title than “failed.” Because in theory, it would have been accomplished had the Navy made a different decision. Really, the final decision was out of your hands…

    • Lisa says:

      Re: New Background
      eh, just because i failed to accomplish it, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. failed is just the only antonym i could think of for accomplished. =) besides, the decision was still in my hands. i could have enlisted or joined the reserves. f- it. failed in that department is okay with me. the important thing is that i run and do sit ups and push ups every day — and those are three habits i never would have formed without applying to the navy. that failure resulted in three better accomplishments — maybe four, since i’ve been volunteering for the USO in my spare time, and maybe even five, because i am the new expert on proofreading proposals at work that are going to the military. =D

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