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Very Important Drunken List

By November 25, 2004November 28th, 2013lists, new jersey, partying like a rock star

1. I try to refrain from writing drunk.

2. I am in New Jersey for the weekend.

3. Bar A was not the same as it used to be in the summer.

4. I went to Woody’s for lunch today. It wasn’t the same as it used to be either.

5. I was very excited to return to my rock star life for a fews days, but maybe rock star lives are seasonal. This summer, I used to go out and get drunk and be awesome. Tonight I got drunk and spaced out.

6. Fortunately, I did not rub up against any shaven, New Jersey arms at the bar tonight. Maybe the boys let their arm hair grow out for the cold, cold winters.

7. I am looking forward to returning to 304.

8. I still need a date for my office Christmas party.

9. This is a little blurry.

10. I have fallen asleep.

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