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Robbie Roommate bought a BMW last night.

Lisa: “So, when you got up this morning, did you think you’d be writing a check at the BMW dealership?”

Robbie Roommate: “Um, no. That was the last thing on my mind.”

Lisa: “See? This is proof that crazy and unexpected things happen. All because your ditzy roommate pulled into the wrong driveway. You might have ended up with a Toyota.”

Robbie Roommate: “Hmm, yeah, maybe you just ruined my life. Or maybe you just saved it.”

Lisa: “Where’s the Nelly CD?”

(Puts CD in.)

Robbie Roommate: “Oh, I think it’s skipping.”

Lisa: “Damn. That’s the song. Why is it doing that?”

Robbie Roommate: “Don’t know. Listen to it skip.”

Lisa: “Let me see that.”

(Takes CD out.)

Robbie Roommate: “Yeah, just throw that shit out the window.”

Lisa: “No, no! I can fix it.”

(A short pause.)

Robbie Roommate: “What are you doing?”

Lisa: “Just wait. Do you care if I lick your CD?”

Robbie Roommate: (Looks at Lisa, dumbfounded.) “Sure, go ahead. Lick my CD. You’re crazy.”

Lisa: “Maybe, but I bet it works now.”

Robbie Roommate: “Whatever.”

Lisa: “Trust me.”

(Puts CD in.)

Robbie Roommate: “What? How did you do that?”

Lisa: “Told you.”

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