A Meaningful Conversation with Ed Barry

By November 12, 2004 conversations

VTJerseyGirl03: anyway, thanks for explaining how nuclear power works 😀

icabob133: do what I can

VTJerseyGirl03: i feel more intelligent now

icabob133: haha

icabob133: good

icabob133: glad I could help

VTJerseyGirl03: i can’t really do the same for you — unless you are interested in the most appropriate uses for the semicolon.

icabob133: I am really bad at english

icabob133: I need to learn to write better

VTJerseyGirl03: i am the proofreading queen 😀

icabob133: haha

icabob133: I’m not so bad at proofreading myself…

VTJerseyGirl03: although, i don’t like the word queen — it make me feel fat.

icabob133: haha

icabob133: or gay

icabob133: of which you are neither

VTJerseyGirl03: i am a proofreading goddess

icabob133: there you go

icabob133: goddess it is

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  • ljrichard says:

    Jon Macks wrote a joke during the ’03 Academy Awards that, because of time, Steve Martin didn’t get to use. It was right after the Oscar was handed out for best original song, and the joke was: “Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t want to alarm anybody, but the Bible says that one of the signs of the Apocalypse is when Barbra Streisand gives an Oscar to Eminem.”
    🙂 I just thought I’d share that with the LJ community.

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