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Goodbye Starbucks, Hello Wawa

By October 13, 2004food, virginia beach

After yet another disturbing Starbucks experience last night (which resulted in my pouring yet another $4.85 Iced Grande Non-fat Sugar-free Vanilla Latte With Only One Shot Of Espresso down the drain), I have decided I am through with them. The thing about Starbucks is that there is supposed to be consistancy throughout the chain. Specific lattes should taste the same wherever you order them, not vary from location to location. It’s wonderful to offer to remake any drink that doesn’t taste right, but it doesn’t help much if it tastes worse the second time. Unbelievable. I am no longer frequenting Starbucks for coffee purposes – I’ll go there for passionfruit iced tea and rice krispy bars, but no more coffee drinks.

There are two huge Wawas in Virginia Beach – one on Rosemont and one on Independence – and both are pretty much on my way to work. So, I am proclaiming myself a new Wawa regular and my new favorite coffee drink will be a 16 oz. Wawa coffee with Wawa French Vanilla Non-Dairy Creamer and a half-packet of Splenda. I’ll find a new iced coffee beverage in the spring.

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  • calic0jack says:

    just go to dunkin donuts. you’ll never be let down.

  • cymric says:

    Tallahassee does not have Wawas. Nor do we have a real Dunkin Donuts. The one here closes at some weird time in the afternoon, and they don’t even have powdered jelly donuts. I’m guessing for decent coffee you probably have to go to a coffee shop. Which, due to the Southern approach to life, is definitely not convenient because it will take forever. We do, however, have a Starbucks, and like the liquor stores, it is a drive through.

  • itsacountry says:

    Dunkin’ Donuts SUCKS
    Wawa rules. 🙂 I’d recommend mixing the Mocha Alert with the low-fat French Vanilla. My caffiene headache is getting worse just thinking about it. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    just to let you know, theres a THIRD huge wawa in virginia beach.
    it’s on virginia beach blvd. right before first colonial rd., and before it turns into laskin rd. so on your way to hilltop one day, you could stop there if you dont wanna take 264. hope your havin fun round va beach.

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