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So, I’ve finally moved into my apartment and I even have almost everything unpacked. Apparently, 304 has already turned into quite the cool place to hang out. We have ample couch space, enough dishes to feed a small country, and it always smells nice here due to the excessive amount of candles that Allison and I light on a daily basis.

We have a huge TV, a nice stereo, and two really neat lamps in our living room. Our deck is enormous – it’s almost as big as our living room, and our kitchen is just plain awesome. It will be even more awesome tonight when there’s a case of Bud Light and some more food in the fridge, but it’s still pretty cool at the moment.

In my room, I have my huge piece of furniture from Ikea that has three mirrored doors, a desk, a cabinet/dresser, a nighttable, and my bed. I also have my TV and TiVo mounted on the wall. It is definitely very Hawaiian in my room – as usual.

Robbie hasn’t moved in yet, but he and I will be sharing the bathroom with is decorated in pineapples and dark green. It sounds cheesy, but it looks really nice — I think the white shower curtain with green bamboo on it pulls it all together.

We’ve already been having people over for dinner and movie-watching and all kinds of fun stuff like that. Allison’s friend Candice was here from Arizona this week and Andrea will be coming to visit from Roanoke this weekend. You should come visit, too!

This crazy trip has got me feelin’: busy
And I’m singin’ along to: Valentine – The Get Up Kids

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