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Greetings From Virginia Beach!

By September 28, 2004ruling at life, virginia beach

My name is Lisa and I have a moving problem.

My most recent move took place on September 1st when I packed up my suitcase and drove down to Virginia Beach for a job.  I also have an employment problem.  I quit that job on September 9th.  Don’t worry, I’ve been working at a law firm and doing some other stuff here and there while I interview for a new job.  I’ve also found two nice people – Allison and Rob – that I plan on getting an apartment with before the end of October.  I like it in Virginia Beach.  I’ve wanted to move here since I was 8 years old.  In between my job interviews and apartment searching, I’ve been doing all kinds of fun things like meeting new people, running at Mt. Trashmore, shopping at the MacArthur Center, partying at Waterside, volunteering for the USO, having dinner with the Tidewater Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association, attending a wedding and a baby shower, running the Neptune Festival 8K (in 49:31.85), watching all the awesome military jets at the NAS Oceana Air Show, going to the beach, and hanging out with my new roommates (that aren’t really my roommates yet, but hopefully will be soon).
I haven’t told you about my moving here for several reasons.  In no particular order, they are as follows:
1. My cell phone does not get a signal at the house where I am living, and I do not have the patience to stand outside and get eaten by mosquitos or rained on in order to talk on the phone.
2. I am sick of being thought of as the screw-up who keeps moving places and not finding a job.
3. I already told pretty much everyone that I was moving to Richmond by October 1st and didn’t really feel like explaining why I changed my mind again.
Anyway, so here I am – in Virginia Beach.  It’s pretty awesome here.  I think I’m going to stay for awhile.

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