This Weekend

By August 27, 2004 hokies

Football season begins tomorrow!

Tonight – Huge party at Chris DeMay’s house.  Be there or watch it!

Tomorrow afternoon – Tailgate.

Tomorrow night – VT vs. USC game!

Words of encouragment from Hilary:

Swank416: but have fun at the game
Swank416: and hope we don’t lose too badly
VTJerseyGirl03: ok, i will talk to you soon.  i hope we don’t lose at all….:-P
Swank416: yeah good luck with that.
Swank416: byebye
VTJerseyGirl03: lol
VTJerseyGirl03: bye:-D

Have a good weekend everyone!  Go Hokies!

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  • Sex Scandal
    Hmmm…don’t know if this hasn’t gotten out to the rest of the country yet, but there is a rape scandal involving 1 or possibly more of the USC football players over here in beautiful SoCal. Their minds might be off the game…

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