Wear red, white, and blue.  Go see fireworks.  Go eat dinner – at Chef Ed’s.  Bring me your money.

I tended bar at Woody’s yesterday.  Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a long, profitable career.

Jamie is in town this week.  Too bad I’m so exhausted from the past month of partying that I’ve been not-so-fun.

I’ll spend today listening to that CD I made a few months ago.  It’s nice to know that I was thinking of my future self on March 23rd.  It’s funny how much things have changed since then — I’m far from tumbleweeds, and I can’t use my American flag checks anymore because the address is wrong.  But, I am still reading that book.  I keep taking breaks.  Slacker.

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  • njfatalcorps says:

    yeah and it still doesn’t have the I am a true american song hahaha.

  • Anonymous says:

    You make me miss the Jersey Shore!
    I found your live journal and it totally makes me miss the Jersey shore. I’m living in Seattle now, and went to Vancouver for the 4th of July–cool, but I have to admit the whole time I was pining away for some good ol’ Jersey shore soft serve, french fries, fireworks and people-watching on the boardwalk in Belmar. Hey, if I moved from NJ to NYC for 5 years and then to Seattle, does that make me some sort of special benny?
    -jessie moore

  • Anonymous says:

    LCpl Hicks,
    If I can Post a comment that will reach you, it will have been worth the effort. You have a friend trying desperately to reach you concerning something you left at Henderson Hall. A valuable item to say the least. Please contact LCPL Kaiser!!!!! You never let us know your travel route?

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