Greetings from Richmond!

By July 11, 2004 shopping

Richmond is a wonderful city — one of my favorites for several reasons, but mostly because of the outdoor mall. The mall here reminds me of Mall Madness, the board game. Its just like a regular mall, but with no roof, so when you leave a store, you’re outside! Its very conducive to nature. For instance, Kristen and I got to stroll through the mall tonight after it was closed. We went for an after-dinner walk and saw tons of tiny frogs jumping around near the fountains in the mall!

I tried to catch one, but it didn’t work out.

I bet you’re jealous because you’ve never been to a mall with wild frogs living in it, but don’t feel like you missed out on too much. We ended up cutting our walk short so that we didn’t step on any unsuspecting amphibians, but I did get some entertaining pictures. Silly froggies.

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