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Arm Hair (Or Lack Thereof)

By July 28, 2004boys, new jersey

What is it with guys in New Jersey shaving/waxing their body hair? I am so sick of Jersey guys rubbing up against me in bars with their prickly arms. I’ve started to notice that every time I meet a new guy, my eyes immediately dart to his forearm for the Hair Presence Check. I’ve also started to notice that the result of the HPC is often negative. I just don’t understand the point. If you are a guy, you have arm hair — get over it, and leave it there. If you wax it, it will eventually start growing back, and every girl you touch will be disgusted when you brush up against her because your arm feels like a cactus or a rare breed of porcupine.

Top 5 Places to Find Men with Prickly or Hairless Arms at the Jersey Shore
1. D’Jais
2. Bar A
3. Seaside Boardwalk
4. Belmar Beach
5. Behind the bar at Woody’s in Farmingdale

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