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Invasion of the Semi-Colon

By June 2, 2004ruling at life

I was watching TV at my friend Jay’s house last night when, all of a sudden, he blurted out, “Holy shit! Do you see that? Do you see that semi-colon?”

“What?” I asked. “What semi-colon?” But, then I saw it, this white semi-colon, all by itself, making its way across the top of the screen. It was so weird. It was like when a weather advisory is posted, except there was no advisory — there were no words. It was a just a white semi-colon. And it kept floating across the top of the TV screen.

So, we changed the channel, and there it was, moving across Conan’s forehead. So, we changed it again, and it was still there, making an appearance on Chappelle’s Show. Eventually, we turned off the TV and turned it back on, and the semi-colon was gone. But, I mean, where the hell did it come from in the first place? Silly semi-colon.

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  • ljrichard says:

    I don’t know what else to say, other than it is clear that what you saw could only be described as a harbinger of a massive, impending alien invasion, starting with gradual signal interfaces between earthly and extraterrestrial satellites, much like in the hit movie “Independence Day.”
    As fear and anxiety begin their inexorable envelopment of mankind, and people begin to realize that our world is on the brink of being colonized by vicious, blood-sucking aliens, I hope we, as a civilization, are able to look past our own fears and even take comfort in the most compelling and evident truth here…
    At least they’re literate.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ryan Wilder, your comment has been deleted due to unnecessarily obscene language. Please keep in mind the little cousins.
    P.S. You’ve never seen Rich’s shorts.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah – sorry about the language.
    But I have read enough of the posts to know.

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