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It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

By May 23, 2004ruling at life

It’s such a beautiful night. Driving home with the windows open along the beach, I was reflecting on my weekend and I felt totally at peace with the world. It was one of those rare moments where everything is perfect even though nothing really that amazing happened at all. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s that I had a great day at work today or a good time last night. Maybe it was seeing a colorful sunset over the river this evening, or maybe it was the fact that Brian and I finally had a decent conversation today. It could be that I met a few new people this weekend, or that finally, I’m totally happy with myself when I look in the mirror. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m wearing my favorite pants and my favorite Puma sneakers and my new favorite tank top all at the same time, or it could be that I a lot of my favorite friends called me on the phone today. It might be that I’ve finally gotten rid of all the clothes I’ll never wear again, or it could be my new rock star bangs, or it could just be that I got to end my weekend with a decaf Starbucks latte and a drive home along the beach. Or perhaps it was just a little of all those things and more. Either way, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I’m definitely going to fall asleep with the window open and a smirk on my face tonight.

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