My LiveJournal has definitely been suffering from my inability to express my recent experiences in words. I think this is mostly because not much happens to me, but I spend most of my time thinking and wondering about a multitude of things and people and places that have so little to do with one another, it would be virtually impossible to write a readable entry about any of them. There aren’t enough conjunctions in the English language for me to formulate coherent sentences about the countless thoughts that race through my brain. Plus, I hardly ever think about the same thing twice and never ever think about one thing for more than a few minutes, so I don’t know how I would be able to write any journal entries that weren’t hundreds of pages long.

If the above paragraph has confused you, I sincerely apologize, but I also take comfort in the fact that my thoughts have the same effect on your brain as they do on mine. I find myself doing the stupidest things sometimes and wonder if I’ve lost my mind. For instance, this evening, I wasted 35 minutes on iTunes searching for a song that I heard on the radio one time at 5:30 this morning — I couldn’t find it because not only was I unaware of the title or artist, I also had no clue what the lyrics were and couldn’t even recall the tune! It was obviously a song that was very, very important to me.

Anyway, I will try harder to focus and write more quality journal entries in the near future. I promise.

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