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The grass is always greener…

By April 22, 2004not ruling at life

I apologize for not being very entertaining these past few days. I have been pretty sick since returning to Jersey — 101 fever and all. I also didn’t want to write about the thought that keeps racing through my mind — Should I have left Vegas so soon? — for fear of sounding like a moron. Boy, am I indecisive.

It’s been like a scene from a bad movie — you know, where the guy turns on the TV and sees the same thing on every channel. It seems there are ads for Vegas hotels, job fairs in Vegas, movies about Vegas, and TV shows about Vegas everywhere. Not only that, but every celebrity I read about in a magazine or see on a talk show — they all keep mentioning Sin City. Hell, even The O.C. (a show about Orange County, California) is taking place in Las Vegas next week. I can not emphasize how much undue stress this is causing me. It is very frustrating.

Why did I leave again? It seems I can never remember my reasons for doing such stupid things. I’m sure there must have been some good reason. I know it wasn’t the palm trees. It couldn’t have been the weather. It wasn’t the tumbleweeds or all the pretty lights on the Strip. I was getting used to the traffic and I could have tried a little harder to find a job, even if it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do. Perhaps I felt too far away from the ocean, but now that I’m near the ocean, I feel too far away from the mountains.

Do they make a pill to cure being a whiny, indecisive dumbass with no clue what to do next?

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