The Bee-Fly

I’m sitting on the floor typing peacefully when, all of a sudden, Sammy jumps out of the bathroom, nearly trampling me, scaring me half to death, and yells, “There’s a bee! There’s a bee in the bathroom!”

I look up at her and say, “You’re so full of it.”

“No, I’m NOT! Stop saying that!”

I reach over and push open the door and see nothing. I stand up and see a black insect, flying around, violently pounding its head into the three mirrors like a moron. “It’s not a bee. It’s a fly,” I say. I think about it for a minute and stare at it. “A stupid one.”

“No, it’s a BEE! Get it OUT,” Sammy shrieks.

“Close the door. Put it in Courtney’s room,” I say.

“HOW? It’s right there! That’s a BEE!” She’s dancing around, ducking, even though the thing is flying about almost four feet above her.

“Turn off the light,” I say as I flip the switch. The insect comes to a screeching halt on ceiling.

“Oh, that’s a fly,” Sammy says.

“Told you.”

“It’s a HORSE FLY.”

“No, it’s just a plain fly.”

“It’s a SAND FLY,” she exclaims proudly.

“No, it’s just a regular fly.”

“Is it a fruit fly?”

“No, it’s just a FLY.”

“Oh. Well, get it out. Put it in Court’s room. That fly,” she laughs nervously. “I thought it was a bee.”

She tip-toes back into the bathroom and whatever mess she was making in the sink. That’s where she is now, splashing around, rapping along to the noise that’s coming out of Courtney’s room. “What you gonna do? Act a fool!”

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