Happy Birthday, Chi Omega!

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DeMay 007: Happy 109th Birthday Chi Omega 😀
VTJerseyGirl03: you are a nerd 😛
DeMay 007: yes i am

Chi Omega was founded on this day in 1895 at the University of Arkansas by Jean Vincenheller, Ina Mae Bowles, Jobelle Holcombe, Alice Simonds, and Dr. Charles Richardson.  Over that past 109 years, Chi Omega has grown into the largest women’s fraternal organization in the world with over 170 collegiate chapters and over 240,000 initiated sisters.

Chi Omega Symphony

To live constantly above snobbery of word or deed; to put scholarship before social obligations and character before appearances; to be, in the best sense, democratic rather than ‘exclusive,’ and lovable rather than ‘popular;’ to work earnestly, to speak kindly, to act sincerely, to choose thoughtfully that course which occasion and conscience demand; to be womanly always; to be discouraged never; in a word, to be loyal under any and all circumstances to my Fraternity and her highest teachings and to have her welfare ever at heart that she may be a symphony of high purpose and helpfulness in which there is no discordant note.  ~ Ethel Switzer Howard, Xi.  1909

Happy Birthday, Chi Omega! Lots of love to all my sisters – I miss you all so much!

VTJerseyGirl03: are you doing anything special to celebrate chi omega’s birthday?
DeMay 007: um
DeMay 007: yes
DeMay 007: homework
VTJerseyGirl03: wow.  way to party it up.

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  • don’t you mean sororial organisation?

    • Lisa says:

      haha. actually, yes and no. since chi omega is one of the oldest sororities, it was technically named a fraternity, like all of the men’s organizations at the time. when the founders formed chi o in 1985, they called it Chi Omega Fraternity and all of our official documents and stuff still say “Fraternity” on them. it wasn’t until later, when more women’s organizations had been formed, that they were all referred to as sororities.
      however, i suppose it is a sororal organization since it is made up of a bunch of “sisters”. but, i was a slacker and stole what i wrote from the official chi o website (www.chiomega.com) and my chapter’s website (www.chiomega.net) so…that’s what it said there. =)
      and actually, i think it says in the symphony : “to my Fraternity and her highest teaching”… =)

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