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En Route to New Jersey – Day 2

By April 14, 2004road trips

Miles driven: 1185
States covered today: Colorado, Kansas
Funniest sign today: “Point of Interest Next Right” followed by “Point of Interest >>>” pointing off into the plains somewhere – there was nothing interesting in sight
Coolest part of the day: Taking the Cog Railway up to the top of Pike’s Peak – elevation 14,100 feet
Stupidest question of the day: “Is that a tornado?”
Worst part of the day: Ears popping constantly from going up and down too much, leaving the mountains behind for the boring prairie
Most frightening part of the day: While driving through Kansas at 11:30 at night, we ran over a piece of destroyed truck tire – it was loud. Then, the wind began to pick up and we had to swerve violently to avoid hitting some feisty tumbleweeds bouncing gracefully across the highway.
Most frustrating part of the day: The poor Malibu is covered in dead insects and getting the shit beat out of it.
Current location: Hays, KS
Current time zone: Central
Current elevation: 2,000 feet
Miles to New Jersey: approximately – eh, 4 days.

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