The Shane Show

I spent some quality time with Jacky and Jose (my new awesome Las Vegas friends) this evening. We saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (which was totally totally amazing), Jacky cooked a delicious dinner, we watched some Spike Jonze stuff (extremely amusing), and took a trip out to the Whiskey Bar at Green Valley Ranch.

When we got to the Whiskey Bar, Jacky’s roommate introduced us to these two guys she met while she was waiting for us to arrive. “These are my new friends Shane and [I forget the other guy’s name],” she said as she introduced us to two boys who I would describe as flaming, Jacky would describe as pretty, and Jose would describe as fags.

Shane was dressed head-to-toe in designer threads, his white button-down shirt open to flaunt his hairless chest. His blonde hair was immaculately styled and he spoke with an accent as he shook our hands and said, “What’s your name, love?”

Apparently this individual has his own show at the MGM Grand or something. Although I would most likely try to avoid purchasing tickets to see Shane live on stage, we were definitely entertained by what I called “The Shane Show” for the rest of the night.

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