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The Packing Motif

By March 30, 2004fabio the hamster, packing

This morning I found out that I will be leaving Las Vegas on April 13th. I will be packing up my stuff here and driving back across the country to New Jersey where I will be faced with the enormous task of packing up my stuff there because my parents just sold our house.

Hopefully, my room is pretty neat – I can’t really remember how I left it – because I find packing to be a dreadfully boring task that often turns into a fiasco. I’m sure you remember my past packing experiences, such as this one, as well as my lack-of-packing experiences, such as this one. Apparently, packing has become a recurring theme over the past few months.

Well, I only have 15 days left here in Vegas, so I’d better get out and enjoy the desert sun and spend some quality time with the little cousins. Of course, leaving Fabio will be devastating – perhaps I should consider packing him, too.

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