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One freelance web content writer at your service.

My latest source of income is as follows: A law firm in NJ is going to pay me $20 per hour to write all of the information for their new website.

First, let’s discuss this law firm’s current website. It is black with grey text, it contains plagiarized articles from the New Jersey Law Journal, the links don’t work, and it has this techno porn music that plays in the background. It definitely would have worked for a trashy Vegas strip club, but not for a personal injury attorney.

They hired a web designer to design their new site, but he told them that they would have to provide all of their own written content. Since their last attempt at a website was written by a 12-year-old (for real), I’m going to have to start from scratch, which is cool with me because it will take longer!

Basically, I have just been handed a temporary job that pays me $20 an hour to sit out by the pool in my bikini and type under a palm tree whenever I want. This is excellent. I can see the words “Freelance Web Content Developer” on my resume already…

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