My brain is on vacation.

By March 2, 2004 ruling at life

Ok, first of all, I am comment-impaired. My apologies for all the stupid comments and wrong links I posted and deleted in anyone’s journal last night or today. Not sure what my problem is really, but hopefully some animal crackers and a good night’s sleep will prevent such LJ retardedness from ever happening again.

I don’t know why I said “first of all” because that’s all I really had to say. See what I mean?

Well, I guess I could mention the fact that after I got home from nine and a half hours of work this afternoon I spilled a shot glass full of tap water and dead weeds all over the kitchen counter. Don’t ask me why they were there — perhaps someone thought they were flowers? — but you’d think that if I can carry beverages to tables all day without dropping them that I could refrain from knocking things around in the kitchen when I get home.

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  • So how is the new job going? Are you enjoying it? There is a slim chance I might be going down to Las Vegas for a few day in about two weeks. I will keep you updated if I do go there.

    • Lisa says:

      YAY! A potential visitor! Definitely keep me posted. =D
      The job is pretty cool. I like how there is no server wage in NV, so if you’re making tips, you’re still earning minimum wage, too. AND, I get paid time and a half for over time. =D Score.

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