Today Aunt Kim I went hiking – well, I guess you could even say mountain climbing – at Red Rock.  It was pretty intense.  In the beginning, we were all like, “This is soooo cool.”  “I like how you don’t have to stay on the stupid trail here.”  “Let’s climb up there, let’s climb up there,” and “Look how far up we are!”

After about an hour, we realized that we should probably turn back. Then we started saying things like, “Um, how are we going to get down?” “Did we come from this way?” and “Do we need to be on that rock?  Sh**.”

Eventually, as it got hotter, and as we started having to slide down rocks, we began saying things like, “Sh**.”  “F***.”  “We are f***ing morons.”  “We are going to die.”  “We forgot to bring the cell phone to call the rescue helicopter.” “Oh my f***ing God.” “S***, don’t fall!” and “God damn it, motherf***ers.”  It was a very interesting experience.

When we finally found our way back to the trail, we were like, “Holy crap, look how far we went!”  “We are so f***ing awesome.”  “I am so thirsty.”  “I am so hungry.”  “Thank God we found our way back.”  “My legs hurt.”  “We must have burned a ton of calories!”  “I am so sunburned,” and “I took 75 pictures.”

After we got back to the car, we had to drive 13 miles on a scenic one-way path to get back to the main street.

We got to see some lizards, cacti, and desert rodents on our little excursion, but no wild burros – it was pretty neat.  If you want to see the rest of the pictures, check my picture website — the link is on my profile and I’ll have them up by tonight.

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  • njfatalcorps says:

    wow that’s so kikass. Looks like great fun. That’s what id be doing if the terrain was available.

  • Oh the stories I have…
    Ahem. Last year for spring break I spent 10 days in Red Rocks, Nevada. It was a wondrous experience I tell you. We went rock climbing almost every day. Along with climbing we got to drive the “scenic” route every freakin’ day at least once. I will recount the story that I was reminded of by reading your entry. There is one climb that is a multi-pitch, I believe it is 6 pitches. Well I am terrified of heights and therefore was not even going to think about climbing it and thankfully there was another one of the 10 people there that wasn’t going to climb it either. So… we went to lunch at chili’s or something like that. We were a little late getting back and almost missed getting in the gates. We felt bad because we thought that everyone would be waiting for us to pick them up. Well as we drove up to the area where the parking lot for the climb was we realized they were not off the rock yet. It was now getting dark and we could see their head lamps. Now mind you there were four headlamps for 8 climbers, really safe I tell you. Oh and this also happened to be the 2 year anniversary, if you would call it that, of the death of one of my good friends and serious maiming of Sean during a cliff jumping trip (that though is another story). So we thankfully had radios and we could communicate with them. I was ready to call search and rescue, but lo and behold we used our skills with the radio and guide book to help them finish the climb in the dark and then take the descent and get back to the cars. They were all pretty much freezing because they were dressed for the heat of the desert in the day time, not the cold of the desert at night. And almost all of them were dehydrated because they threw down their extra water while trying to get through a pitch which was a small tunnel. Anyway, everyone was safe in the end, but it sure was an adventure to remember….

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