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“And I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done/Everybody equals out when all the songs are sung.”

By March 5, 2004las vegas, music

Streetlight Manifesto is totally rocking my room right now. Well, it’s not technically my room — it’s Sammy’s room — but Streetlight’s rockin’ it either way. Stephen is right, the guy who writes these songs is a lyrical genius. I wish I were that creative.

For instance:

Annie’s tired of forgetting about today and always planning for tomorrow/Annie says, ‘The saddest day I came across was when I learned that life goes on without me.’/Annie says, “If everyone has someone else, then I ain’t got nobody’s love to save me.’/Annie says, ‘I think I’ll pass away tonight, because it seems I’ll never get it right if it’s just me.’

And when you wake up everything’s going to be fine/I guarantee that you’ll wake in a better place in a better time/So you’re tired of living and you feel like you might give in, well don’t/It’s not your time.

~from “A Better Time, A Better Place”

For real, this band is awesome.  Perhaps even better than old-school Catch-22…

I’ve got a gun in my hand but that gun won’t cock/My finger’s on the trigger but that trigger seems locked/And I can’t stop staring at the tick tock clock/And even if I could I would never give up/With a vest on my chest and a bullet in my lung/I can’t believe I’m dying with my song unsung/So if and when I die won’t you bury me alone?/Because I’ll never get to heaven if I’m singing this song.

If there was something wrong would you be oh so strong?/Would you do what it takes to move this hollow life along?/I’d like to think I would, you know I’d like to think I would/But I guarantee that what you see is not reality/And every time I make a point she makes a counterpoint/She said it’s easy but in the end you’ll have no choice/And you know that’s only just the way it goes.

~from “Point/Counterpoint”


A quick update on life in Vegas:  I am now officially certified (don’t ask) to wait tables at HOB Las Vegas, I have plans to hang out with the two hot Air Force boys again tonight, I scored a free employee ticket for the Saves The Day/Grandaddy show this Sunday night, I’m on a first-name basis with Mike – the security gate attendant where I live – so I’ll never have to argue about getting my parking pass again (I also promised him I’d look into getting him tickets for the sold-out Ludacris show…), we have some money shows coming up in March and April at work – Dropkick Murphy’s on March 18th, Something Corporate and Yellowcard on March 19th – I’m trying to take the little cousins to that – moe. for three nights in April, Three Days Grace on my birthday, Trapt and a few others… Oh, and I found my way out of the MB parking garage in less than 30 seconds today – awesome.


I guess that’s about it.  Have I mentioned the hotness that is Streetlight Manifesto?

“I take that back, I won’t stop singing when I’m dead/I’ll sing from the great beyond, I will echo in your head.”   

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