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By March 18, 2004 employment, las vegas

I started off my new-and-improved job search with a grande non-fat sugar-free vanilla latte with one shot of espresso from Starbucks and a copy of today’s Las Vegas Review-Journal. Although I had no success finding my dream job, the R-J’s classified section was definitely good for a few laughs.

Here are my three favorite ads:

(702) XXX-XXXX.

This person can’t hire a painter to paint? He needs a mechanic to do it?
Granny wanted (over 35).
Part time. CPR, hlth
check. requiered.

Does the over-35, part-time Granny need to know how to spell?
Immediately. Hiring ener-
getic,outgoing, depend-
able, people to sell live
designer hermit crabs at
busy cart in local mall
$6 – $7.50/hr. dep. on
exp. commission. Hermit
Hut 503-XXX-XXXX.

Live designer hermit crabs? What in the hell makes a hermit crab a designer hermit crab? I am tempted to call the Hermit Hut and ask if they carry Louis Vuitton hermit crabs, or Stuart Weitzman ones perhaps. And aren’t hermit crabs normally a beach souvenir? Shouldn’t they be selling designer lizards or scorpions here in Vegas?

Thanks to Jacky, I was able to stop scanning these ridiculous ads. She got me an interview at the event planning company she works at. I hope it goes well because obviously the classified ads around here are good for entertainment purposes only.

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  • cymric says:

    Hey, if the interview doesn’t go well, I would definitely call Jeff. “Hi, ummm, I saw your ad in the paper for a painting mechanic, and I was wondering: are you accepting applications from people in other unrelated occupations? Because I think that as a former waitress I could be a great asset with the irrelevant skills I’d bring to the job….”

  • njfatalcorps says:

    heh i had fun reading this entry. Definitely a fun entry

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