What is my problem?

By February 20, 2004 Uncategorized

Not only have I been somewhat of a slacker over the past few months, I have also found myself wanting to do the craziest things I never would have wanted to do before. For example: be able to run several miles, live in all kinds of places I’ve never been, ride the free-fall on top of the Stratosphere Tower, fly an airplane, go parasailing, go scuba diving, spend six months living on a boat, go on a helicopter ride over either the Grand Canyon or a volcano in Hawaii, sing in front of people. I’ve even contemplated whether or not it would really be that bad of an idea to go on that ride at amusement parks where they strap you and a friend together with a rope and release you from the top and let you swing back and forth for awhile. And then, today, I was wondering if perhaps I should try skydiving at some point before I die.

I think this must have all started last February when I decided I liked tomatoes. I mean, who decides they like tomatoes after hating them for 21 years?

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  • njfatalcorps says:

    SKYDIVING?! NO way. Haven’t you seen those shows about when things go wrong. There was one guy that did it…and as he reached the sky after his first bounce the rope just turned into a noose as if hands were guiding it and went around his neck and he was hung and suffered from each bounce.

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