The Best Valentine’s Day Ever

By February 15, 2004 las vegas, lists

Some reasons why yesterday was the best Valentine’s Day ever:
1. I had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.
2. I went for a 3-mile run.
3. I got lay in the hammock outside in the sun for a bit with Cosmo and a huge glass of water in my shorts and a bathing suit top.
4. I live in a place with palm trees.
5. I watched one of the coolest episodes of JAG ever from Season 3. (Harm and Mac KISSED!)
6. Even though you can only take 5-minute showers here in Nevada, at least I got to wash my hair with my new Bumble & Bumble Alojoba shampoo and conditioner that my parents gave me as a V-Day present.
7. My hair smelled nice for the rest of the day.
8. Even though I lost $55, I looked like a badass playing Blackjack for awhile at Caesar’s.
9. I must have looked damn hot when I went out last night because when I sat down next to my aunt at the Wheel of Fortune slot machine, she jumped because she didn’t recognize me!
10. The only silly boy I had to worry about all day was Franky Pockets.

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  • njfatalcorps says:

    ha yeah yesterday ruled. Total guys nite out for us. I mean seriously who wants to be with chics on valentines day. haha, yeah I read all the cosmos too. At work because some girl that works there always brings them in. There’s some hilarious stuff in the new one.

  • cymric says:

    Wait one damn minute…
    You are kidding about five-minute showers, right? Please, please, please say that you are making this up and there is no hell on earth where you actually aren’t allowed to take a forty-five minute shower. I mean, my hot water heater only holds about five minutes of hot water, but I have great friends who never run out of scalding water and let me use their showers occasionally. Oh my God, I thought I could live in the desert but I was so so so so wrong.

    • Lisa says:

      Re: Wait one damn minute…
      Well, you know I love a long bath more than ANYTHING in the whole world, but I’m getting used to it. The hard water here doesn’t really make you wanna immerse your hair in it for that long anyway. No worries, though — we have a heated a pool and a hot tub out back. =)

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