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“I don’t wanna be told to grow up, and I don’t wanna change, I just wanna have fun.”

The lead singer of Simple Plan is hot. Perhaps you think I sound like a 12-year-old for saying that, but let me tell you — the lead singer of Simple Plan is hot. He can sing, he’s not too tall, he’s not covered in tattoos, and he doesn’t seem to have any strange piercings. Too bad his name is Pierre.

I surprised my cousins, Kristin and Courtney, with tickets to the Simple Plan/MXPX show at the House of Blues tonight. Billy Talent (to whom singing equals screaming and dancing equals convulsing wildly) and Sugarcult opened up. It was a good time. Fortunately, since I am so short, I had no problem blending in with the crowd of 12- to 16-year-olds attending the show.

The highlights of the evening: giving the cousins the tickets at dinner, Simple Plan singing the Black-Eyed Peas song, counting all the trucker hats, David (from Simple Plan) wearing pink Josie & the Pussycats ears on stage during “Perfect”, Courtney attempting to fall asleep during the concert and then five minutes later exclaiming, “This is awesome!”, MXPX singing “Summer of ’69”, and the lead singer of Simple Plan turning out to be damn hot.

Because of the awesome show they put on, the fact that one of their band members wore pussycat ears on stage, and their entertaining discussion about Immodium and explosive diarrhea, I have developed a newfound respect for Simple Plan. Make fun of me if you want, but “Meet You There” was definitely one of the best songs I’ve seen performed live in awhile.

Granted, the place was full of shrieking high school girls dressing in black and pink, but it was cool to act 16 again for a night. I wish I had danced and screamed a little more at all the concerts I went to back in high school. Oh well.

Anyway, I’m off to bed to dream about Pierre. I could definitely give up swearing off boys for that guy.

“I’ll see you in awhile, and don’t forget that smile. What else could there possibly be to do?” – MXPX

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